How Delegation works.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are my coins locked when I delegate?
No. you are free to move funds from wallet, but funds will need to remain in your wallet for you to continue to receive rewards.
2. How long will it take to receive funds?
After 2 Epochs (10 days) you will see funds under your rewards tab, which will be automatically deposited into your wallet.
3. Are my rewards automatically added to my wallet, do I need to re-delegate?
Funds are automatically added to your delegated wallet and is added to your amount that you delegate to your selected pool.
4. Can I delegate to more than one pool?
Yes, but it will require an additional wallet, at the moment you can only delegate a wallet to a single pool. Daedalus upgrade for staking to multiple pools has been talked about and should be implemented soon.
5. Whats the expected rewards per Epoch?
Historically rewards have been between 4-6% depending on luck, delegation and performance of the pool.
6. How can you view the rewards you've received? and both have exceptional sites that you can find more info out about your delegation or pool. Go to CHEST and under delegations you can find all the info about your address.
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Download Daedalus:

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